Museum Map

Use this mobile map to help navigate your way through Planet Word.

We recommend that you begin your word journey on the third floor.

1First Words

How do we learn to speak our first language? Watch the whole process unfold, from babbling babies to talkative toddlers.

2Where Do Words Come From?

The 22-foot-tall wall of words speaks for itself — literally! Our talking word wall shares the story of the English language, exploring the many forces that shaped the words we use today.

3Spoken World

Dive headfirst into the awe-inspiring diversity of languages from around the world. Meet speakers and signers from all over the globe, and let them introduce you to what’s unique about their own language.

LLexicon Lane*

Discover mysteries, riddles, and word puzzles in our special game room.(Coming soon!)

*Lexicon Lane is open to explore, but contains puzzles that require a rental fee to play.

4Unlock the Music

Be the star of the show! Choose an iconic song to sing karaoke-style and learn the techniques that help songwriters put together lyrics and create a hit.

5Joking Around

Who’s the funniest person in your family? Find out in our humor gallery — and see who will be the first to laugh!

6Word Worlds

Paint with words! Dip your brush into verdant, surreal, or luminous and thrill as you transform the room around you with color, sound, and motion.

7The Library

Enter a magical library where books come to life before your eyes. Find the hidden door to a serene poetry nook, and discover other secrets hidden in the stacks.

8Lend Me Your Ears

Friends, Romans, countrymen — it’s your turn to make your voice heard! Here you can deliver a famous speech using a teleprompter and discover what made it immortal.

9I’m Sold!

How do advertisers do it — constantly getting your attention and making you want their products and services? Learn the turns of phrase they use to make their goods and causes stand out, and try writing an ad yourself.

10Words Matter

How have words changed your life? Share your story in our fully-equipped recording booth, and listen to the stories of others who have felt the power of words.

HFranklin School Historical Exhibit

Learn more about the historic Franklin School, designed by Adolf Cluss and built in 1869.

AFriedman Family Auditorium