Special Event

Juneteenth Literary Jubilee & Black Author Book Fest — MC’d by Tony Keith, Jr.

June 19, 2024 | 10:00 a.m.

$0 | 925 13th St., NW, Entrance on K Street

Join Planet Word in observing Juneteenth with a literary twist as we celebrate community authors and the rich contributions of African American writers and changemakers. Drop in and get to…

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Statement of Values Regarding Speech at Planet Word

Planet Word’s vision is that a literate population is the foundation of a strong democracy. Planet Word’s mission is to renew and inspire a love of words, language, and reading. To further that end, we strive to be guided by six core institutional values — fun, playful, meaningful, motivational, unexpected, and inclusive — in every aspect of our work, including in our gallery experiences, partnerships, and public programs.

Planet Word programs and experiences aim to ensure that visitors pay close attention to words — to the words they use and to the words they hear around them. We believe that words matter and that each of us has a choice as to how we use them, in ways that are constructive or destructive.

While we value respectful, lively public discourse and seek to present a variety of viewpoints, speakers at Planet Word must not use their words with the intent of doing harm — by using their words to denigrate others, to advocate violence against an individual or group, to call for the elimination of a people, or to instill fear in others. Such words will not be tolerated at Planet Word.

Nor will we tolerate words that deliberately spread misinformation and ignore accepted science. Planet Word is committed to the use of words that aim to reveal truths and not conceal them.