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Graced with grand windows, intricate ironwork, and lofty ceilings, the landmark Franklin School, home of Planet Word, is a uniquely stunning space for your most important moments, both personal and corporate. What memories will you create here?


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Featured Spaces

The Bloomberg Philanthropies
Great Hall

The Bloomberg Philanthropies Great Hall is the architectural centerpiece of the Franklin School and Planet Word’s showcase venue both day and night. The 4,800-LED globe that anchors the Spoken World exhibit becomes a stunning chandelier as it rises at the turn of a key up to the towering 22-foot-high ceiling. With fourteen-foot windows overlooking Franklin Square, trompe l’oeil frescoes, and a historic proscenium arch, the elegant, versatile Great Hall is unlike any other event space in Washington.

AV: Programmable chandelier, wireless microphones, built-in speakers, WiFi


The Mansard Room

Original nineteenth-century exposed beams, wood floors, and frescoed walls make this an unforgettable venue for meetings and celebrations of all sorts. Under a soaring mansard roof at the top of the Franklin School, this space can be configured for elegant dinners, performances, meetings, or receptions. The Mansard Room can be combined with the Rooftop Terrace for indoor/outdoor events.

AV: Decorative pendant lighting, color tunable cove lighting, 165” LCD video wall w/ HDMI, wireless microphones, built-in speakers, WiFi

The Rooftop Terrace

Featuring views north and west across verdant Franklin Square and the rooftops of D.C.’s K Street corridor, the Rooftop Terrace is a gorgeous outdoor venue for pre-dinner cocktails, post-dinner dessert, or a sunset reception. The Rooftop Terrace can be combined with the Mansard Room for indoor/outdoor events.

AV: Speakers, WiFi

More Spaces

The AT&T Plaza

Anchored by Speaking Willow, an interactive sculpture from renowned artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, the AT&T plaza is a ground-level courtyard oasis just off K Street. The AT&T Plaza can be combined with the Friedman Family Auditorium for pre-performance or post-performance receptions.

AV: Speakers, WiFi

The Friedman Family Auditorium

This 150-seat, beautifully appointed auditorium has its own entrance right off the AT&T Plaza. The space includes a dedicated AV booth and a green room.

AV: HD projector, architectural and theatrical lighting, large projection screen, built-in speakers, WiFi

Welcome Lobby

Our delightful Welcome Lobby makes a flexible gathering place: its welcome desks can double as bars and the glass-enclosed entry vestibule can serve as a check-in area. The space features graceful details like the iconic arches that define the Franklin School, and terrazzo floors embedded with a swirling design of written symbols from the past to the present. The Welcome Lobby can be combined with the AT&T Plaza or the Friedman Family Auditorium for larger events, or can serve as a pre-dinner cocktail space when combined with the Bloomberg Philanthropies Great Hall.

AV: WiFi

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Interested in hosting at the museum? Please familiarize yourself with our 2024 Venue Guide for information about our spaces in addition to room rates and vendors, and fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch shortly to help schedule your experience. For questions about the spaces, email [email protected].

Regrettably, Planet Word does not host children’s birthday parties, fundraising events, or political campaign events. Additionally, Planet Word requires a minimum of 21 days lead time for any potential booking.

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