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Field Trips

Inspire your students with the power, fun, and beauty of words and language at Planet Word! Planet Word is pleased to welcome groups for museum visits. Title I schools are free, always. Choose the school visit option that works best for you and your students:

Self-Guided Gallery Visits

Watch books come to life, sing your favorite song, and learn why words matter at Planet Word! Planet Word is pleased to welcome groups for on-site, hour-and-a-half long self-guided museum visits. This option is perfect for you and your group to choose your own adventure or achieve your own learning goals.

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Wordshop Experience Packages

Dive deeper with one of Planet Word’s Common Core aligned Wordshop packages. Target your learning with an hour-long, educator-facilitated Wordshop on one of six topics of your choosing (grade dependent) followed by an hour of focused self-guided gallery time to extend the learning!

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Virtual Field Trips

Can’t make it to Planet Word? No problem! We can bring the learning to you! All our Wordshops are available as virtual experiences and facilitated by an experienced educator. Virtual Field Trips are a great introduction or conclusion to a unit and are a meaningful way to fill gaps in instructional time.

Educator Resources

Lesson Plans

Use our free, teacher-vetted lessons to help your students understand the power of words and take full advantage of a field trip to Planet Word. Resources were designed based on feedback from a council of local educators, are standards-aligned, and include in-the-moment teaching and facilitation supports. The ready-to-go Google Slides format allows our resources to be instantly implemented in your classroom or easily customized to meet your students’ needs. Lessons are available for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Planet Wordshops for Students

Wordshop packages are offered from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 12 p.m. – 2 p.m. on weekdays when Planet Word is open, starting with the Wordshop and ending with an hour of focused gallery time.

Wordshops are designed for classes of 35 or fewer and last an hour unless otherwise noted. Virtual Wordshops cost $125; on-site Wordshops cost $200, plus the cost of group admission. Fee waived for local* DMV Title I schools and DMV non-profit organizations serving disadvantaged populations.

*Planet Word defines local as the following jurisdictions: D.C., Maryland (Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George’s counties) and Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Prince William counties).

Go Bananas for Idioms (grades 3–5)

Unleash the creative and comic potential of idioms and learn about the difference between literal and non-literal meanings. The program features a matching game, an opportunity to create and share an idiom drawing, and heaps of idiom-based humor — all delivered in 45 minutes.

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Words Matter (grades 4–7)

The way we tell our own story impacts everyone around us. Using videos included in the Words Matter gallery, students analyze a personal narrative to understand storytelling techniques, all while connecting to broader themes and social issues. This Wordshop concludes with students telling a story of their own.

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Sounds Like Poetry! (grades 5–7)

Delight in sprightly “i”s and “e”s or wallow in long, mournful “o”s as we explore how poets play with the sounds of words to evoke specific feelings and tones in their work. Students will also practice those techniques in a short writing activity.

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I’m Sold! (grades 7–10)

Guide your students through several advertising copywriting techniques that make ads memorable and persuasive. The program will finish with students writing their own copy, while discussion centers the idea of being a savvy consumer.

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Can You Trust It? (grades 9–12)

Explore facts and opinions, types of sources, and motive in both news and social media. Then, do a fact-checking exercise to practice 4 key questions when determining what is trustworthy. Developed in partnership with News Literacy Project.

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“These Words Are Spoken” (grades 10–12)

In this SEL, DEAI focused program, students will play a dialect game, analyze the spoken word poetry piece “Broken English” by Jamila Lyiscott, and affirm their language identity. Identity, history, tradition, and culture all show up in the ways we speak.

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