Themed Experiences

Visits to Planet Word are self-guided, as our exhibits speak for themselves. If you’re looking to make a special, specific connection for your group, print out one of our themed-experience guides before your visit.

Something missing?

If you’re hoping to make a learning connection to Planet Word’s resources not represented in one of our guides, email [email protected] to suggest a theme for our next Themed Experience!

Themed-Experience Guides

Black Voices and Stories

Black voices and stories continue to shape the evolution of the English language. Enjoy the identified exhibits that highlight Black excellence in a variety of creative fields.



Diverse Threads: Weaving AAPI Narratives Together

AAPI is an acronym used to encompass a fast-growing community of Americans representing heritage from over 40 countries. Enjoy the identified exhibits that highlight their linguistic contributions.



Highlighting Heritage: Latinx Voices and the Hispanosphere

Our heritage informs our sense of identity, culture, and language. Enjoy the identified exhibits that highlight the rich heritage of Latinx community members and the larger Hispanosphere.



Talking Tech: The Magic Behind the Interactives

Technology is the backbone of Planet Word’s magical interactives. Engage with the following exhibits that showcase technologies that enhance the visitor experience and our understanding of language.



Women Writers, Orators, and Changemakers

Planet Word rings with the brave voices of women who have sparked social change. As you move through the exhibits, reflect on the impact of the following works and connect with the legacies of these groundbreaking women.


Scout Offerings

Girl Scout Junior — Scribe Badge Scribble Book

Kick-start all the writing you need to do to complete your Junior Scribe Badge while at Planet Word.

Print the booklet out yourself; or mention the Scribe Badge Themed Experience when reserving a self-guided group visit, and we’ll print the book for you, lend you clipboards during your visit, and send you home with branded Planet Word pencils, $30. Planet Word needs 5 days’ notice to process this request.