National History Day

The 2022 Planet Word Virtual Website Showcase presents National History Day projects featuring writers, linguists, journalists, and others who changed the world using the power of words. These websites also reflect the 2022 National History Day theme, Debate & Diplomacy in History: Successes, Failures, Consequences.

Abraham Lincoln and His Few Words That Impacted the Future

Lincoln Celestino
Junior Division
Stuart Hobson Middle School
Capitol Hill Cluster
(Washington, D.C.)

Baldwin V. Buckley: The Debate of the American Dream

Ethan Tsay
Junior Division
Arizona College Prep
Oakland Campus
(Chandler, Arizona)

Broken Diplomacy: How the White Rose Led Their Debate Till Death

Mercedes Cross
Senior Division
Fraser High School
(Fraser, Michigan)

Censorship in Black and White: The History of the Parental Advisory Label

Jack Laws
Junior Division
Stuart Hobson Middle School
Capitol Hill Cluster
(Washington, D.C.)

Censorship in Comics: Debate, Diplomacy, and the Comics Code Authority

Claire Wellington
Junior Division
Summit Middle Charter School
(Boulder, Colorado)

The Guardian of the Glades: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Her Fight to Preserve the Everglades

Pearl Amromin
Senior Division
Rutherford High School
(Panama City, Florida)

Ida B. Wells

Irelyn Smith, Caelea Theriault
Junior Division
Bruce M. Whittier Middle School
(Poland, Maine)

Judy Blume & The Battle Against Book Censorship

Zixuan Cui, Yongjing Li, Isabelle Yang
Junior Division
Sierra Vista Middle School
(Irvine, California)

Las Palabras de Chilenos: The Politics of Nobel Poetry

Saahithi Kasa
Junior Division
Challenge School
(Denver, Colorado)

Liliʻuokalani Navigates the Controversies Surrounding the 1881 Smallpox Epidemic

Landon Choy, Chancen Law, Torry O’Hara
Senior Division
Kamehameha Schools
Kapālama Campus
(Honolulu, Hawaiʻi)

Pentagon Papers: Defending the First Amendment in the Twentieth Century

Rohan Anand, Madhu Siddarth Reddy Nachannagari, Madhu Suhaas Reddy Nachannagari, Vivek Nagireddi
Senior Division
John P. Stevens High School
(Edison, New Jersey)

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring: The Power of Environmental Debate

Helen Zhu
Junior Division
Burleigh Manor Middle School
(Ellicott City, Maryland)

The Russell-Einstein Manifesto: Initiating a Movement Towards Anti-Nuclear Diplomacy

Renato Giusti, Evan McCrackin, Justin Yang
Senior Division
Norman High School
(Norman, Oklahoma)

Uncle Tom’s Cabin: A Subject of Debate

Kenna Huot, Margaret Johnson
Junior Division
Ordean East Middle School
(Duluth, Minnesota)