Founders Circle

The Founders Circle unites leading philanthropists who share Planet Word’s belief in the power of words and language and galvanizes them to strengthen society. Donors who commit $25,000 or more annually will form this group of generous ambassadors who support Planet Word — both financially and intellectually — and ensure the institution achieves its ambitious goals.

These donors provide the critical resources necessary so that Planet Word can activate its immersive learning experiences, unique convening spaces, and relevant and engaging programming — giving the nation and world an inclusive, accessible space to explore the power of words and language.

Please consider supporting our bold and imaginative response to the life-long importance of literacy by joining this generous group!

To learn more, please contact our development team at .

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Five Reasons to Join

  • Support from generous donors ensures free admission to those in need and allows Planet Word to make its powerful exhibits accessible to all.
  • Contributions subsidize the maintenance and operations of our beautifully restored and rehabilitated National Historic Landmark home in order to ensure a world-class visitor experience.
  • Planet Word guides visitors and participants in its programs to make informed decisions about complex issues that affect us as consumers, voters, parents, friends, and workers. Topics include the Science of Reading, misinformation and disinformation in media, and the development of ethical AI.
  • By supporting Planet Word’s programming team, you help create relevant, meaningful, and inclusive content and programs that reach far beyond the museum’s walls — to students and teachers, parents and caregivers, policymakers and thought leaders, and more.
  • Investments in Planet Word make it possible for the museum to continue its innovative use of technology that powers our exhibits. As an example, Planet Word is the world’s first voice-activated museum, encouraging visitors to actively participate and own their own stories.

Founders Circle Members

We’re grateful to our Founders Circle donors for showing their commitment to Planet Word. Our inaugural members include:

  • Don Baer and Nancy Bard
  • John and Jackie Bucksbaum
  • Kay Bucksbaum
  • Leon and Toby Cooperman
  • Ann and Tom Friedman
  • Samir and Puja Kaul
  • Robert and Arlene Kogod
  • Peter and Judy Kovler
  • Ted and Lynn Leonsis
  • Jeff and Sara Lesk
  • Elizabeth Vickrey Lodal
  • Dan and Gloria Logan
  • John Madigan
  • Roger Sant and Doris Matsui
  • Craig and Marie Mundie
  • Melanie Nussdorf
  • Fred Terrell and Jonelle Procope
  • Steve and Maureen Rattner
  • Mike and Sheila Ryan
  • Michael and Deborah Ratner Salzberg
  • Joseph Sassoon
  • Dov and Maria Seidman
  • Paul Simon
  • Natalie and Dan Winston