Down to Earth, a Rooftop Novel

Saturday, April 16, 2022 | 10:00 a.m.

$0 | 925 13th St NW, Entrance on K Street

Dan Hurley, the 60-Second Novelist, is bringing his skills to Planet Word! Hurley and his trusty typewriter will be stationed on the museum’s Rooftop Terrace, and throughout the afternoon he will write a novel on one loooong sheet of weather-resistant paper. Museum visitors will have a chance to suggest plot points and characters for his story. By the end of the day, thanks to Hurley’s continuous typing, his story will reach the sidewalk.

In addition, antique manual typewriters, along with paper and carbon sets, will be placed on tables around the Rooftop Terrace, so that visitors can try their hand(s) at interviewing a friend, family member or stranger, and then pecking out a 60-Second Novel of their own.

All visitors to Planet Word on April 16th are invited to participate.