(b. 1945, USA)

A–Z, 2007

Twenty-six Cibachrome prints, published by Janet Borden, Inc.

Planet Word, on loan from the collection of Ann and Tom Friedman

Don’t be surprised if you start to sing the alphabet song as you take in this series of photographs: Neil Winokur’s portraits of everyday objections (and some people and animals) against colorful backgrounds represent each letter of the English alphabet, from A is for apple to Z is for zebra.

Heavily influenced by the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, Winokur uses brightly colored backgrounds in his portraits to emphasize his subjects. In creating the A–Z series, he photographed iconic objects that hearken back to when we were all learning how to read, bringing them each into a new, intense focus that invites the viewer to reconsider these everyday items that are often taken for granted.

For more information about Neil Winokur, please visit www.neilwinokur.com