Special Event

Pun DMV — Live Pun Competition

Friday, August 13, 2021 | 7:30pm

$8 | Friedman Auditorium

The DMV’s favorite pun competition is back — and this year, it’s live and in person at Planet Word! In collaboration with DC Improv, Pun DMV brings together the area’s greatest punsters in a battle for laughs (and cash prizes!). The best part? You can either sit back and enjoy, or hop right up on stage with them in one of two events.

In the Freestyle, competitors choose a theme to puntificate on for three to four minutes. They’ll pack a prepared speech with as many puns as possible to win over the judges! This event has around ten competitors, and you can register in advance here.

The Tournament is an on-the-spot punning battle featuring up to twenty people. Contestants take turns making spontaneous puns for a different theme each round. Get stumped? You’ll have to make like a tree and leaf! The last person standing when all is said and punned will be the victor. Anyone can compete, and you can sign up during the show!

Come spend a pun-filled night with us at Planet Word. Who know, you might just find that you’re the punniest of all!